When it is obvious that your aging parents need more support than they have in the past, yet none of their children live near them and they need to be closer to family, which child should they choose to move close to? When there is more than one adult child who is willing to have mom and dad move near or in with them how do you choose? Here are some considerations:

  • Is there any other family in the area who can also help with appointments and other needs?
  • Does one family have fewer obligations to others such as in-laws or children still at home?
  • Does one family have a lighter or more predictable work schedule to accommodate appointments?
  • Does the spouse of that child want their in-laws living close to them?
  • Does one family live in an area that has better health care, transportation, and activities for seniors?
  • As the parent ages, if they are not moving to a facility, are there good elder care facilities in the area?
  • Does the parent feel more comfortable being close to one child or another?

Regardless of the decision, it should not be assumed that the parent likes one child more than another. Although everyone is adults, we can revert to our childhood selves when things like this happen. Remember it is what is best for your parent – not you.