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It is our mission to help you maintain independence and live with dignity by providing personalized service that is customized to your needs. The Extra Daughter, LLC is like a trusted member of your family.

Why Choose Us

Whether you need someone to meet you at the emergency room in the middle of the night, or just want a companion to check out the latest restaurant, The Extra Daughter, LLC is there! We are not companions to older adults, we are like family. Not only do we provide transportation to appointments and errands, we are there to provide an extra hand. Just like your family, we will go beyond the basics to assist you. We are fully insured and every Extra Daughter or Son is fully vetted.

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Here is a list of services we can provide you with:


We will accompany you on shopping trips but we won’t stop there. “Your Extra Daughter” will put your purchases in carts, the car and away at your residence.

Medical Appointments

We not only drive you to your medical appointment, we are there to be your advocate. If you wish, we will interact with your medical provider and help you understand any follow-up required. With your permission, we can pass that information along to your family members.


The Extra Daughter can provide daytime companionship for people with mild dementia or those who are just lonely. We help clients structure their days with meaningful activities. Respite care is also available for caregivers who need to get away for a few hours for their own appointments or just to relax. We strive to be like a friend.

Emergency Companionship

If you encounter an emergency medical or other situation, we can be there any time of day or night to accompany you if your family cannot.


We can help you with minor tasks around the home that are becoming more difficult for you.

Caregiver Care

Eldercare professionals will help you come up with solutions to your practical problems but we will also be there as a compassionate voice to discuss your challenges about being a caregiver. We can meet in person or virtually. The program is very flexible, and is billed on an hourly basis.

If you don’t see what you are looking for or are in need of special services, please reach out to us to see if we can help with a specific need.

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