"Helping older adults like their kids would, if they could."

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Julie Katz

Julie Katz


My name is Julie Katz, I live in Akron, Ohio. I’m a former licensed nursing home administrator in the State of Ohio. I was the administrator of a 200 unit senior apartment in Cleveland. I am a blogger writing about issues for adult children of aging parents, which I am passionate about. My goal is to be considered as their extra daughter.

Most importantly, I am a loving daughter to my older parents, and I believe everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. My parents live 500 miles away and I understand the anxiety of having aging parents so far away.

Our Services

The Extra Daughter, LLC offers Senior Concierge Services. Respect and kindness are the hallmarks of what we do. We truly care about our clients, and treat them like we would our own family members. Maintaining independence and dignity is our company’s mission. Whether you need transportation, companionship or meal preparation, The Extra Daughter is there.
Our Services

How can we help?

Here is a list of services we can provide you with:


We will accompany you on shopping trips but we won’t stop there. “Your Extra Daughter” will put your purchases in carts, the car and away at your residence.

Medical Appointment

Medical Appointments

We not only drive you to your medical appointment, we are there to be your advocate. If you wish, we will interact with your medical provider and help you understand any follow-up required. With your permission, we can pass that information along to your family members.



The Extra Daughter can provide daytime companionship for people with mild dementia or those who are just lonely. We help clients structure their days with meaningful activities. Respite care is also available for caregivers who need to get away for a few hours for their own appointments or just to relax. We strive to be like a friend.


Emergency Companionship

If you encounter an emergency medical or other situation, we can be there any time of day or night to accompany you if your family cannot.

If you don’t see what you are looking for or are in need of special services, please reach out to us to see if we can help with a specific need.

Grocery Shopping

What People Say About The Extra Daughter

“When I do errands with Julie I feel like I am shopping with a friend. I never feel like a burden.” — Dorothy P., client

“Julie is dependable, very competent and well trained in working with those who have dementia with excellent communication and coordination skills with family members, and always professional.” —FC, daughter of Dorothy C.

“You have been such a godsend and made us feel so much more comfortable about being away.” — Beth S., Daughter-in-law of P.S.

“Julie grocery shops for me. She is efficient and accurate. The best part is chatting with her when she brings in my groceries. I’m so glad I met her.” — C.P., Client

When my children told me they had “hired” someone to be a companion while they were gone, I thought it was not necessarily. I was wrong. Julie & Randy have been wonderful and very helpful to me.” — Phyllis S.

What is considered a legal emergency for older adults?

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On being a burden

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The joys and benefits of laughter

Laughter really is the best medicine I took a client to a big box pharmacy to get a flu shot. She is legally blind so I had to read the lengthy consent form to her. She started laughing at me trying to pronounce different six syllable medicines and diseases like a...

Should you pay for a friend?

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Caregiver burnout

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Why a little white lie may be the kindest thing you can do.

What exactly is therapeutic fibbing? When I first started working with the elderly, there was a practice of being very honest with people with dementia. Brutally honest. If they were calling for their mother, you would 'reorient' them and tell them their mother died...

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