At Palambo & Sweet, an eldercare law firm, we do Medicaid planning and conserve significant assets for family members from the nursing home. We often save families their life savings, as well as peace of mind. There are certain red flags people need to be aware of, that when they hear these topics, should be triggers to either evaluate the documents they currently have, or to have new documents put in place. These could all be considered legal emergencies:

  • Recent Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis
  • Recent hospitalization for a fall
  • A friend or family member’s concern about an older loved one’s declining health
  • A phone call from a client saying the nursing home told them to liquidate life insurance policies or retirement accounts
  • Someone who has a child with special needs
  • Someone without any estate planning documents whatsoever – whether or not they have kids, this can be exceptionally important! Everyone should have estate planning documents!
  • Anyone going through a significant life change – marriage, death of a spouse, birth of a child, death of a child, someone entering retirement, etc.

Jaclyn Palumbo, Attorney

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