What holiday gift can you get for someone with dementia and their caregiver?

There are many things you can get for someone with dementia and their caregiver for the holidays. You need to consider whether the person has mild, moderate or severe dementia, but there are gifts all can enjoy.

For anyone with dementia:

A scrapbook of pictures from years past. You can make it yourself or have a photobook made online.

A fish tank. Watching fish can provide hours of entertainment, but make sure there is someone to care for the fish and someone who will take the fish and tank if the person needs to move out of their current living situation.

CD’s of their favorite performer.

A digital picture frame, especially one that people can add pictures from anywhere.

For people with mild to moderate dementia:

Puzzles (350 pieces or less)

Crafts that can be done with young grandchildren, nieces or nephews.

Word search books

Mature coloring books. The type you scratch off black paper to reveal the picture underneath is also good.

For someone with severe dementia:

A sensory blanket or pillow. They can be found on craft websites.

An Alzheimer’s therapy animal. This is not a real animal but a stuffed one that responds to touch.  You can get a dog, cat or baby.

For people who are caregivers:

Bring over meals in individual containers to freeze and heat up.

Gift certificates for meal delivery services.

A coupon for you to come over for an hour or more so the caregiver can go out or even just take a nap.

A warm sweater or slippers so they can feel warm and loved.