It may seem like a good idea but can hurt everyone in the long run.

Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.

My family hired a private duty employee to look after my grandfather at my cousin’s wedding. Before the bride and groom arrived in the reception hall, the private duty worker called my sister over. “Your grandfather has to go to the bathroom – take him.” My sister replied, “That is your job, why do you think you are here?” They argued a few more minutes until the band leader announced the newly married couple. At the same time, my grandfather screamed, ” I don’t give a f***, I gotta pee.” I am sure if you watch my cousin’s wedding video you will hear my grandfather in the background.

Here are a few other things that can go wrong with private duty employees:

  • They steal from your parent or neglect or abuse them because you didn’t check criminal history. References are not enough – you could be talking to a relative.

  • They fall and hurt themselves in the home and sue you because you do not pay worker’s comp.

  • You fire them and they file unemployment. Since you did not pay social security tax, you are now audited by the IRS. Don’t even think of running for public office. Remember all of those almost Supreme Court Justices who didn’t file taxes for nannies?

  • They are sick or have a family obligation and there is no one to substitute for them. Your parent misses a doctor appointment because of it. Or, they could just walk away one day in the middle of a shift and you have no recourse.

  • You are unhappy about a few things but there is no supervisor to turn to.

Private duty employees are cheaper for a reason – you assume extra risk. While cheaper may seem better, it may cost you much more in the long run.

The Extra Daughter is fully insured, does background checks, and pays all employee taxes.