Laughter really is the best medicine

I took a client to a big box pharmacy to get a flu shot. She is legally blind so I had to read the lengthy consent form to her. She started laughing at me trying to pronounce different six syllable medicines and diseases like a first grader sounding out words. Soon enough I started laughing too. She finally told me if I can’t pronounce it she doesn’t have it.

Laughter can lighten a mood, alleviate tension between people and lessen depression. An article from the Mayo clinic outlines even more ways laughter can help.

You don’t even need another funny person to laugh with. Watch a funny movie or television show or read a funny book or jokes. Sometimes just starting to laugh for no reason is helpful. The same hormones will be released even if you don’t see or hear something funny.

Conversely, try to limit your contact with people who always down, if possible. Stay away from too much news, which is depressing lately. Watch movies with limited violence and human suffering.

Spontaneous laughter is great, but “planned” laughter is good too. When was the last time you laughed a good belly laugh?