The great and not so great things about working with older adults

I am often asked how I can work with older adults. People think older adults are boring, a burden and even smelly. I do not, and neither do the other Extra Daughters and Sons. We think that older adults have lead fascinating lives and have experiences and advice to share that is invaluable.

A few weeks ago the not to great things about working with older adults happened. In one week we had a funeral and a celebration of life for two of our biggest clients. It was tough but the saving grace of losing these people was the affection of their families. Spouses and children could not thank us enough for our help and companionship. Both families told us how indispensable The Extra Daughter was and how our staff enriched the last years of their relative’s life. My staff and I received some very warm embraces. It was truly heartwarming.

I can find value in every relationship, even those with dementia. Listening to people’s life stories is so fascinating to me that I don’t mind hearing it twice (or four times). The insight you can gain is amazing if you just listen. I also find most people are grateful for your help if you are respectful and kind.

Although it was tough to lose two people in one week that I knew very well, I am grateful to have known them. My life is richer for it.

Picture: Pixabay