No need for fancy devises when paper and pen will do

Let’s be honest, dementia suffers can drive their family or caregiver crazy by asking the same question over and over. They certainly don’t mean to cause exasperation, but it happens and makes them and everyone anxious . There is a no or low cost way to help with this problem:

1. Sticky notes: These can be stuck almost everywhere and never crash. You can put them on mirrors to remind people to brush their teeth, on back doors to remind them to put on a coat, etc.

2. Index cards are a portable sticky note for when outside of the home. If a dementia sufferer asks constantly during a trip, “Where are we going?” just tell him or her to look at the card in their pocket.

3. White boards are great for daily task lists, contact phone numbers and facts like grandchildren’s names. A white board can be updated as many times as you would like and can be put in a conspicuous place.

4. Labels can tell a person where to find their sox or a tea bag. They can serve as a warning, such as on an circuit breaker panel “Do not open”.

Of course these reminders do not work for someone who is in the later stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s. If you are reading this thinking that won’t work anymore, you need to make sure your relative has significant care at home or is in a facility to maintain their safety.