While mild dehydration can be uncomfortable to most of us, severe dehydration in the elderly can be deadly. Worse, older adults are less likely to feel thirsty.

When we age, we don’t feel as thirsty as we did. The signals that told us to drink are dulled. Adding to that, taking certain medicines, such as diuretics, can dehydrate you.

Here are some suggestions to add more water:

Figure out if you prefer cold or room temperature water. If it is cold water, be sure to have ice on hand.

Drink water during certain other things you do in your day such as when you brush your teeth, before meals or while you watch TV. These times will act as prompts to drink water.

If you can’t drink a big glass of water then drink a small glass more frequently. Even drinking a shot glass full of water will add up if you do it frequently enough.

Put a reminder on a phone or smart speaker with a reminder every hour.

Explore other drinks such as sparkling water or adding a little juice or tea to your water. Avoid drinks with too much sugar – real or artificial.

Figure out what works for you but regardless, drink, drink, drink.