How we help people – the crazy, touching things we do

When you are an Extra Daughter or Son you encounter many situations – some are touching, sad or hilarious. We have seen and done so much in the last few years. Here is a sample:

Test drove and purchased a new car for a client.

Transported an accordion that the client didn’t want movers to handle.

Had a 200 lb. client lose her balance and held her on a knee in the garage until EMS arrived.

Purchased $200 in liquor with a client.

Had a windshield wiper fly off our car and had our 97 year old client say, “I have never seen that happen before.”

Attended the funeral of a stranger with a client who didn’t want us to leave her there alone.

When our Extra Daughter attended a funeral of a client, the husband ran to her to give her a hug.

Heard stories of stay at home moms drinking during the day while their kids were at home.

The craziest thing we did: we helped the coroner find a daughter, who refused to bury her mother so we arranged for burial.

Told by a client’s family they would give us an ‘A’ but can’t because that is not high enough.

“She is my mother’s “bestie” said a client’s family about our Extra Daughter.

Received sympathy cards from our clients when we had a personal loss.

Been a sympathetic ear when children were too busy to listen.

Heard countless stories (sometimes two or three times) about lives well lived.