My team and I have done some crazy things but also made wonderful relationships
In the last year and a half since The Extra Daughter was founded, we have done some unusual (to say the least) tasks and formed some strong bonds with our clients. Read on:

We have:
Plunged a toilet
Found a client who had fallen on the kitchen floor
Climbed half way in a grocery store freezer to get the last pint of peanut butter brickle ice cream
Make appointments for a COVID vaccine and driven to many appointments for the vaccine
Caught a medication administration mistake
Cleaned up after a cat who had a hairball
Given fashion advice at Macy’s
Heard that a client’s father killed an armed robber when she was young after being told she had a boring life
Sat in countless waiting rooms, or since COVID the our car in the parking lot
Helped make major purchases including: A computer, a kitchen set and eye glasses.
Have been told that they knew their husband cheated on them but stayed because of the children
Heard beautiful enduring love stories and of grief of the loss of a spouse
Spent ten minutes to buy three oranges
Connected to a client’s Wi-Fi after she didn’t know she was only using cellular data
Heard stories of brilliant children and grandchildren
Heard stories of greedy, rude children and grandchildren
Hooked up a new phone/answering machine
Heard stories (from more than one client) of family members with addiction problems that deeply affected everyone
Opened a safe
Purchased liquor
Received a call from a client that her mother died – yes you read that right. Mom was 94.
Told by the client who lost her mother that she reached out to me because no one else would be as compassionate.
Have been told that everyone in their family hates them
Been named an emergency contact because no relative lives close
Been given hugs
Been told that they are so glad to have met us
Been told that we are loved
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