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Valuable projects older adults can do while staying home

Use your social distancing time to create legacy projects

We all need to stay home as much as possible in the next few weeks, especially the elderly. Here are three projects to create a legacy while occupying yourself at home.

Create a visual will for items in your home. Have your relative take a picture of items that may or may not have monetary value but have tremendous sentimental value. Have them ask themselves, "What items do I want to stay in the family and never be sold?" This may be a good time to indicate that items go to certain people in the family and why (Emma is named after my mother and she loved this lamp).

Take pictures of the items then put them in an picture album from an on-line retailer like Snapfish or Shutterfly. Add descriptions of the item's history, such as "Grandpa Frank gave this to Grandma Sarah when they had their 10th wedding anniversary." This may not be legally binding, but it will give you clarity about things your relatives value when they can't speak for themselves.

Do some scrap booking. Go through old folders and lay them out on paper to put in an album. Don't worry about ability, just put them on paper to be put in an album. Order supplies on line if you don't want to go out.

Make a video, audio or written autobiography. Don't only include facts about your life, but expand on how you lived your life. Funny stories are great to add, but don't forget to tell about what life was like before conveniences we take for granted. Remember having to get up to change the channel or even getting your first television? Comment also about how social changes affected your life or your outlook on life. Was your life changed by the Civil Rights movement, Women's rights, LGBTQ rights, #MeToo? How is your life different from your grandparents' and your grandchildrens'? Describe fashion and technology (or the lack of) that impacted your life.

Don't just sit around, create a legacy.

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