• Julie Katz

Seniors may pick the next president

Seniors voted Republican in the last election, will that be the case again?

Many political observers are saying that seniors, especially in swing states like Florida and Iowa, may be so influential that they tip that state to one candidate or the other and make a difference in the outcome.

Why are people over 65 years old so influential? Simply, they vote and in big numbers. There is a rule of thumb that the decade of our age is what percentage of our contemporaries will vote. So, 20% of people in their 20's vote vs. 80% of people in their 80's vote, although I imagine it levels off because 110% of 110 year olds don't vote.

What are issues they care about? Coronavirus response, Medicare (health care) and Social Security primarily. People who are in this age group remember Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement, environmental disasters of the 70's and other events that may shape their opinions on other things. They also want their grandchildren to grow up in a world better than theirs.

Since the majority of people who have been demonstrating are not over 65, older adults opinions' don't make the news. But don't count them out. This is a powerful voting block that each party is well aware of and is courting.

If young people think that older folks only watch T.V. all day, think again. They will choose your next president. You need to respect your elders - and with good reason.

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