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Seniors and nutrition

Why seniors don't make the effort to eat well.

So many seniors, especially widows or widowers, don't really eat full meals, relying instead on popcorn or toast for dinner. There are several reasons why this occurs:

Lack of appetite: As you age, your appetite is smaller. Depression or medication can also cause lack of appetite.

Lack of ability to prepare food: Either because of lack of skill (mostly widowers) or lack of ability due to health or memory limitations.

Lack of motivation: Some people don't feel it is worth to make the effort for themselves.

Access to fresh foods: Make sure there is transportation to grocery stores. If money is an issue, there are government plans to help.

Eating healthy is one key to being healthy. A nutrient dense diet is essential to good health. Being too thin is just as dangerous as being too heavy. Someone of normal weight is able to fight off illness better than someone too thin.

Examining the causes of poor nutrition are the keys to solving the problem.

Small appetite: Check with your health care provider to see if an underlying medical condition, medication or depression are causing a lack of appetite and what can be done about it. If a person truly isn't hungry, their meals still need to be nutrient dense. Strive to have healthy food on hand.

Inability or unwillingness to prepare food: The key to this is simply to have prepared food available that can be microwaved or eaten cold. A meal kit requires preparation and is not ideal. Eliminating excuses with healthy food that is easily prepared will help.

The Extra Daughter will being providing in-home meal preparation. Clients will consult with a dietician/chef who will make a menu according to the client's health needs and food preferences. These meals will be prepared in the clients home and packaged in microwave safe containers. Please contact us at if you are interested.

Good nutrition key to a good life.

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