• Julie Katz

Too much TV – Find the cause to find a solution

Are your parents watching too much TV and not getting out or doing something else? I’m not talking about binge watching the latest Netflix series, I mean watching television in place of social interaction for hours and hours a day. Some causes may be:

  • Cognitive difficulties – Maybe social interaction is becoming more difficult and television is easier because no response is needed.

  • Depression – If television watching greatly increases, have a conversation about how the person is feeling or ask them to speak with their doctor.

  • Physical limitations – It may be hard to get out of the house because of barriers or pain. If the problem is stairs look into moving to a more accessible home. If pain is the issue, find other activities other than TV watching to fill time. Writing a memoir and scrapbooking are good activities.

  • Lack of transportation – Maybe it is difficult to get to places, so television is the only form of distraction. Look for private or public transportation.

  • Lack of knowledge of activities – Retirement can mean long days. Find resources at senior or community centers, volunteer opportunities, etc.

TV should be for information and occasional entertainment not someone's closest friend.

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