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Projects older adults & kids can do in quarantine

Since we are not rushing from one activity to another, find activities to strengthen relationships between the generations.

Because of our (former) crazy lives, which had kids in activities from the end of school until bedtime and occupied much of the weekend, grandparents had to schedule time to see their grandchildren, alongside dance and soccer. Now that the pace has slowed, we may not be able to see grandparents in person, but we can have rich experiences that not only keep us occupied but deepen relationships. Here are ideas for every age group.


Older adults can: Read stories via video; play 'ball' by putting a ball up to the screen for kids to 'catch' (my sister-in-law does this, it is hilarious), Sing to them.

Kids can: Draw a picture and explain what it means, Draw a picture to mail to grandparents.

Ages 5-12

Older adults can: Play rock/paper/scissors; Read a book together and talk about the story line; Help with homework; Play Yatzee; Teach older kids to knit or crochet; Write letters to each other.

Kids can: Make a play or music video for grandparents; Make a picture collage of family photos for grandparents; Plant seeds or vegetables at the same time and report on their progress; Teach grandparents about dinosaurs, fire equipment,

Ages 13-18

Older adults can: Help kids with step by step instructions to make their family a meal; Read a book together and discuss; Teach them a skill/activity like building model cars, sewing or words from a foreign language.

Kids can: Help grandparents make a Facebook profile and teach them how to use the app; Interview their grandparents and write or video an autobiography (especially what it was like to be their age); Make a Snapfish like album of family photos as a gift to grandparents or load an electronic picture frame.

You can despair over our current situation or make memories that last a lifetime.

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