• Julie Katz

Mourning the younger you

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

It is hard to age and see how much we, or our relatives, are capable of.

If we are lucky enough to have elderly parents, we remember when we were young and they seemed energetic and invincible. Or we may be the ones who have slowed down as we age. It is hard for anyone to come to terms with aging and not being able to do things that were second nature.

How do you overcome the sadness that can come with limited abilities?

- Be thankful for the memories you have about being very active. If you can look back with a smile and remember playing hop scotch with your kids or organizing a big event, it should bring you comfort and satisfaction.

- Think of the things that aging has improved. Most people don't fret over little things like they did when they were younger. Or, they were so busy with career and family that life seemed to fly by. Being older lets you appreciate sunsets and babies.

- Think of your senior status as the right to give others advice. Mentor a young person or give advice to grandchildren.

- Be active to the extent possible. Do meaningful activities every day.

- Think of what would happen if you did not live as long as you have. What life events would you have missed out on?

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