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How to Handle Stressful Health Issues That Come With Age

As you get older, you might find that you have to invest more time and effort into your day-to-day well-being. Proactively taking care of yourself will help ensure a long and vibrant life. It can also keep you happy, as it seems health is even more important than wealth when it comes to determining a person’s state of mind. Read on to find out how to handle some of the stressful health-related issues you may encounter as you get older.

If your energy is flagging, rethink your diet

Food gives your body the fuel it needs, and a nutrient-rich diet is especially important to keeping your energy and health up as you get older. Aging bodies experience digestive system changes, producing less of the fluids needed to process food and slowing down metabolism.

You may find it harder to manage your weight as a result, and these changes also make it more difficult for your body to absorb certain nutrients, like folic acid, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12.

Learn how to cook healthy senior-friendly recipes for yourself so you can control the vitamins and minerals you ingest. Not only will you feel better, Science Daily points out that this saves you money over eating out. If you are still lacking certain nutrients (a doctor can determine this with a simple blood test) you can take a multivitamin.

If you have trouble sleeping, reassess your mattress

According to the CDC, adults aged 65 years and older are advised to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night, but many seniors find this is easier said than done. With aging, the human body loses strength and flexibility, and you can be more prone to aches and pains. You might find yourself waking up with shoulder, neck, or back pain more frequently.

The wrong mattress can make things worse, while the right one can help you get the quality rest you need. Look for models that suit your unique needs. Before making a purchase, be sure to take your sleeping style (whether you prefer sleeping on your stomach, side, or back) and preferred firmness into account.

If you have high cholesterol or blood pressure, start exercising

American Heart Association explains there are common artery problems that tend to arise with age. High cholesterol, which clogs your arteries, is one. This is often linked to high blood pressure. These conditions increase your risk of serious health issues such as heart attack and stroke.

The great news is that you can take steps to protect yourself. Lifestyle changes can help improve both cholesterol and blood pressure, and one of those changes is a healthier diet. Another is increased exercise. If you don't hit the gym regularly now, start light. Look for low-impact senior-friendly exercises, like walking, yoga, and cycling, which don't stress out joints (which become more delicate as you get older). If the weather doesn’t accommodate outdoor exercise, you can take a walk in a mall or museum.

Many seniors find a recumbent bike is ideal. These are compact pieces of equipment you can stash in a corner and use at your convenience. There are different options to suit your needs.

If you need help getting motivated, consider working out with a friend. Research indicates that people who exercise in groups see better results. Consider joining an activity center where you can connect with like-minded peers. You can find fitness and social activities that suit your needs and interests, and besides, it’s fun!

Getting older doesn’t have to be stressful. Be proactive about these health-related issues, which might otherwise cause worries. You’ll find yourself enjoying a happier and healthier retirement as a result.

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