• Julie Katz

Going the extra step for safety

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

One of the residents in the independent living building I ran, was no longer capable of using the stove, so her children told her only to use the microwave. They did not unplug the stove. One day she decided to make tea on the stove top (against her children's request) but didn't realize she had a stack of newspapers there. Luckily she alerted us quickly and there was minimal damage.

You need to think through when you tell your parent they can no longer use the stove or drive why exactly you told them not to do that. Why did you forbid these things? Because they are incapable of handling the responsibility. They may forget you told them not to do something but yet you left the stove, car and keys, told them not to go up the stairs but did not block them off.

Make sure to carefully think through all of the potential hazards to avoid a larger disaster than the one you are trying to prevent.

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