• Julie Katz

Don't worry about wrinkles in old age, worry about preventative medicine.

Our culture is so worried about wrinkles when eating right and exercise is much more important.

Read any fashion magazine and there are dozens of adds for creams that claim to get rid of wrinkles. The models are usually in their 20's. Well guess what, all that cream won't help your balance or your heart which is far more important when you age. You can have beautiful skin and be housebound if you don't take care of your body.

At any age, studies have found, the elderly can benefit from weight lifting. I know you are envisioning Grammy bench pressing half her weight, but lifting two soup cans is even beneficial. Walking around the room during TV commercials is also helpful. There is a program through most health programs called Silver Sneakers which gives those on Medicare low or no cost gym membership. Just move.

You probably have heard of the 100 year old who credits cigars and scotch to their longevity but that is the exception not the rule. Food is medicine and can help treat or prevent disease. Have some scotch after you eat your leafy greens.

Our culture has aging all wrong. Wrinkles are but skin deep.

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